How to Stop Unsolicited Sms from GSM Networks


 mtn globacomThe Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)  recently issued a regulatory edict that barred Mobile Number Operators (MNOs) from sending out unsolicited text messages to their subscribers, the edict also required them to set up a portal with shortcode “2442” for subscribers to opt-in to the “Do Not Disturb” (DND) database  to avoid unsolicited marketing messages.

The publicity for the new service has been limited to a handful of platforms as no text messages, no jingles, no skits and no direct calls were issued to introduce the new system as would have the been expected of the gsm networks.

The network providers have been careful to obey the order to the extent where it soothes them. At least they can avoid the big hammer like the MTN fine, while they still enjoy the window to rip unsuspecting consumers.

Recall that a total of 13 Operators have been issued with the directive. These include: MTN, Airtel, Smile, Etisalat, Globacom and Visafone. Others are Starcomms, Megatech Engineering Limited, Gicell Wireless Limited, Danjay Telecoms, Gamjitel, Multilinks and Natcom.

So far, there are indications that some of the 13 MNOs have created the DND portals. Some websites offer short codes and tips on how to enjoy the DND service. As it stands, MTN and Etisalat are the only networks that have made press releases about the service, the promotion of the portal on their networks is yet to begin.

To opt out, Send STOP to 2442 and enjoy your day knowing your next Sms might just be an alert from your Bank


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