Gay Nigerian Man Bobrisky Shows off N7 Million Gift from Bae


bobriskyOkuneye Idris, popularly known by his online name Bobrisky an openly gay Nigerian man is causing a frenzy online.

Borisky’s frenzy kicked off after he shared a recent post on social media platform Snapchat, where he revealed that ‘his Bae’, an unknown man who according to him is Africa’s fourth richest man, gave him N7 million and a brand new Mercedes Benz.

Bobrisky in the series of snapchat stories went ahead to say that the said Bae who is presumably Nigerian had concluded plans to move him from his present Lekki apartment to a ‘lovely’ apartment in Banana Island.

Read his notes in the sequence that they appear on pictures of a full Ghana-must-go bag of N500 bills and pictures of the Benz steering wheel:

– Their fada f*ck haters with p*ssy and beasts[sic]. My Bae is mine for life.

– Bae called and said my baby hope you are okay.

– He said he tested me if I will complain about my apartment in Lekki.

– Another one will shock you my Bae is getting a lovely apartment at Banana Island.

– The manager will be wondering who am I to dis man. He is my God Father.

– Thanks my Bae. I love so much 7 million Naira. I love Bae.

He concluded by sharing a rear view photo of the Benz with the number scratched out.


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