Watch Ebonyi Lawmaker Afikpo Chic’s ‘Runz Girl’ Past Surfaces Online


Honourable Maria Ude Nwachi, the Ebonyi law maker popularly called Afikpo chic is on the receiving end of serious flak after the open letter she penned to popular blogger, Linda Ikeji via her Facebook page last night hit online.

In the open letter, she blasted the blogger about compromising her standards when it comes to issues of relationship and settling down. Her letter was in response to an interview Linda Ikeji had previously granted.

Linda Ikeji, in the said interview, had stated that she could not marry a poor man among other things and the lawmaker tore into Ikeji saying her statements were unreasonable and portrayed a lack of emotional intelligence. She proceeded to advise her to be mindful of her utterances given that she is a public figure.

People have however called out the Afikpo lawmaker for her ‘dumb post’ and for casting aspersions on the character of Linda Ikeji, a self-made woman, when she is no role model herself.

A video evidence of the politician admitting to living off sugar daddies in an interview with Howard Stern has been unearthed and is currently making the rounds on social media.

The AFIKPO Chic in the 14-minute long video, when she was much younger wore a revealing dress admitted to teasing men with her outfit choices. When asked how she pays for stuff, the Afikpo chic admitted that her sugar daddy catered to most of her bills, adding, “Well, I do what I have to do.”


The Afikpo chic is however taking the recent onslaught in her stride and has refused to let anything dampen her spirit. On Facebook, she wrote:

It’s a Tuesday. My day. I am as happy as a lark. They never born anything wey go spoil my mood on a Tuesday. And today, I am gonna go into Ehugbo town and have me some fun. I go waka dey greet, dey gist, the laugh tire today. Yo nworu ihe ka Ehugbo uto, rie, anikwam – BCEL”

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