Creative Writing Wahala by @nuelnonny 


Creative writing wahala

After taking up writing reviews for awhile,  getting into the groove to being as creative as before might not come as easy as you would expect. So in a bid to discover the supposed writer hidden somewhere inside this being, I am trying not to follow the supposed trend where you get under the influence and boom, you get whatever you hope will come. 

Someone said discover your art,  Read stuff you like… You might even recreate someone’s idea and Tell a better story.

 At this moment,  all I can think of is the paper this piece is meant to fetch me if it gets published like  the guy I just met at  the pub last night promised.  

My company seeks the service of a creative writer and we pay well... Pay and well in one sentence  was all I needed to hear to consider the offer. But what do I write for this guy O… 

Kuku gimme topic to write on since the editor is your friend, scope him so he tells you what he expects nah… 

You go free the shawty for me be that he said… 

Free girl wey I no fit remember her name again sef. This uncle does not understand oh… I dey find money,  person wey no get money no dey follow woman show 32. 

I go give you her number… Follow her talk small so that e go easy pass when you ring her up later. 

A call gets made,  a few minutes later, a text comes in He should write something on creative writing. 5000 words because he is your guy.  You know say na 7000 words we dey write for 1000 naira. 

Thank God I have not given this girl’s number to him… 


  1. Loool!! We can’t be wasting girls phone numbers now o! Nah asset be dat. Major key. Nna mehn, save your creative 7000 words for people that understand value. Better yet, use it for ya self.

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