Derek ‘Shorty’ Chime talks on Mind Over Matter and More


So we caught up with one of the brightest acts from Jos Plateau State over the weekend and the insight into Nnadi Derek Chime popularly known as Shorty  who just dropped his Mind Over Matter LP and it’s nothing short of Amazing. We get introduced to how he picked up music, to the Jay Z side of the act most people don’t know as he goofs around while lacing those killer lyrics and his kinda weird preferences in genres of music… Read up and enjoy below

A Brief History Of Yourself And Your Art… How Did The Name Shorty Come
My Full name is Nnadi Derek Chime,studied Law at The University of Jos,Plateau State. I had my first amateur recording experiences in 2008 with my friend Mermu Garba Pwul (Riscoe). I have always been a huge fan of music ,never really had any interest in becoming an artist, recording music or pursuing it as a career. I however have always had a deep understanding of music,especially production,and i was nice with the raps. These are the reasons my friend (Riscoe) pushed until he convinced me to give recording a try with him. During recording sessions then I payed close attention to details,and learnt a lot from Suka,Chopstix and Nuhu Kuta.

Shorty is a nickname I got from way back in school. The name was derived from a character from an old cult classic movie ‘Sunset Park’. There was a character in the movie that went by the name ‘Shorty’,and the character was played by Fredro Starr. The people that gave me the name said I looked and behaved like the character at the time. Also I was a short guy that loved and could play basketball pretty well.

What Are You Doing Right Now asides Music
I have my company ‘Ace Metro Integrated Media Group (AMIMG)’ under which i work,and through which i transact business on a daily basis. Business ranging from Marketing,corporate affairs,to media creation and management and a few other things…My studio (Ace House)and record label are also under my company.

What was music like growing up

I was exposed to a lot of music growing up,so many genres. My father,who was a diplomat had a very broad taste in music and inadvertently exposed me to all of it. Everything from,Jazz,Blues,Soul,Pop,80s hair metal,Latin music….so much more.

I picked interest in country music and disco mostly from my mom,those were her favorites. I also fell in love with Heavy metal during my travels with my dad,and from mixtapes my cousin made for me. Heavy metal is by far my favorite genre of music (weird i know). I was also introduced to Hip hop by an uncle of mine. I loved it from the first time I heard Method man and Krs-One’s voices. Those two led me down a path of new eargasms courtesy of urban music.

When did you start creating Music
I started creating music in 2008,but took it seriously in 2012 after a hiatus that lasted 18 months. At the end of which I set up a studio.

What are your biggest influences
My biggest influences are; Metallica,Fleetwood Mac,Nirvana,Travis,Brandy,Jay Z,Nas,Biggie,Pac,Eminem,Andre 3000,Kanye West,Drake,Kendrick Lamar,J.Cole,Ice Cube, Wu Tang Clan…to be honest there are too many to list,and most of them aren’t urban.

Got influences from Jos?
From Jos…M.I, a little bit of Jesse Jagz, Ruby…I think Lindsey and her sound are criminally underrated.

what kind of music do you do and what’s your thought on the genre and its Acceptability
For now i would describe what i do as Alternative/Hip hop/Rap. It’s a little light on the alternative for now,because of my immediate audience. I get that Nigerians really don’t accept what they’re not used to or what they don’t understand until you’re in a position of influence,then everyone jumps on the bandwagon.I will say this though,what i’m doing right now doesn’t really show how broad my skill set is.

Do you write all your Lyrics?
Yes. I write all my songs myself. I have also been composing, songwriting and ghostwriting for years.

What’s the reception for first project like?
The reception for this project has been unexpected and great, and i know it’s only going to grow from here. I seem to have more people from other states & countries really purchasing and recommending my music more than my immediate audience. Don’t know what that’s about, but I’m cool with it. The plan was to make music that is relatable on an international level by anyone. The rest will catch on in time…

When are you giving us a Video
Video…☺ i’m working on a few things, soon….

Affiliated to a label or are you on the verge of inking?…
… Discussions are just being had for now

What’s up with music from Jos?
Music from Jos…uhm…there are a few acts that are doing some interesting stuff… I am not very conversant with the happenings in Jos but I can say Tito Brown, Toyenero, Crinerry, there’s this kid too, Emzzy E.

Asides music, what else will you do
Asides music… Business, Possibly practice law at some point.

We Hear You Got A New Album , Mind Over Matter.… What Is It All About
Mind Over Matter is a concept album based loosely on my life. My Journey… and a few things in between.
Go figure ☺

Featured Acts?
Jayce Hooke,O3ple (a singer,songwriter,producer & sound engineer under my imprint),Jifera,Xino,Binlah, YNUG,Fessy & Ishie.

What song brought you to limelight & what’s that one song you’ll prefer to perform
I would say ‘The Truth featuring Christine Ben Ameh is the first song that earned me major recognition.
Previously ‘The Anthem’ was my favorite song to perform; it made for a dramatic set. But i’m sure that’s about to change…

Describe Yourself In The Studio
In the studio…I’m focused,intense,quick with concepts and songwriting,work well with fellow creatives,and I have been described as a walking talking almanac/encyclopedia (That’s just Gibberish for “I would make a great A&R”).

What’s Airplay Like
Airplay right now is fair,but that situation will improve drastically soon enough.

Tell Us 3 Things We’ll Never Have Guessed Right About Shorty
3 things…i’m a beast in the kitchen (beats chest),i like to dance while i write rap lyrics (don’t ask), I have an unhealthy obsession with cheese and Omarion’s music (please don’t ask 😔).

So Do We Have Songs We Can Dance To?

No songs for Owambe on this project if that’s what you’re asking. There are a few that would make you move though…
This project was intended to reflect my mind at the time of making it (moody). I always stick to my concepts, and I have impeccable follow through.

What stages have you rocked & whats your most memorable performance
I’ve rocked a few stages between Jtown,Lagos,Abuja,and Enugu. My performance in Kaduna was the most memorable… Large crowd, was tipsy (that doesn’t happen a lot), and I had fun.

Ever moving to Gidi??
The Gidi move is inevitable now more than ever,even though i’ve been avoiding it for a while. Not my favorite place, but we move!

Who are artistes you’ll want to work with in future
Burna Boy, Black Magic, Wande Coal, Don Jazzy, Masterkraft (just had to mention him),Asa, Tay Iwar,Sheyi Shay…

What words ya signing out with
Support Good Music, that’s the only way we’ll move forward and build the best industry. Say no to propaganda, and drink lots of water.

Thanks for the opportunity, this was fun. We should do this bigger and better in the future. #Love&Light #Bless #MOM

LISTEN TO , Mind Over Matter Here

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