#ResumeorResign and Pro Buhari Protesters Clash


As the ResumeorResign protest hit its fifth day today, there was a clash after pro-Buhari demonstrators also took to the streets to show their support for the president.

Before the clash could escalate, it took the intervention of policemen to prevent a full scale clash between the two groups in Abuja.

The concerned Nigerians group which is being led by Popular musician and activist, Charly Boy and Deji Adeyanju are asking that the ailing president either resume in the country or resign as president of Nigeria.

Yesterday, a pro-Buhari group took to the streets to counter the claims of the Our Mumu Don Do group, saying the president has every right to go for medical treatment as long as is necessary.

According to reports, members of the Concerned Nigerians Group were the first to arrive at Unity Fountain. The Pro-Buhari group joined them later on, and the members of each group had a face-off, which was watered down by the police.

 Dare Ariyo of the Concerned Nigerians Group said their quest was not based on the number of people who have joined them but the quality of their request. Mr Ariyo said the group is not interested in the distraction but focused on the health status of the President.

He further called on the Senate to raise a medical panel to establish the true status of the President’s health.

Also speaking at the protest, one of the leaders of the Concerned Nigerians group, Deji Adeyanju said Nigerians of good conscience know their request is genuine. He added that the group will remain resolute in the demand for the resumption or resignation of the President, and that the Pro-Buhari protesters were only distractions.

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