Dj Envy’s Kinkiness On Snapchat Exposed


Power 105.1’s DJ Envy, known to many people as one of the hosts of The Breakfast Club radio show has been exposed.

Dj Envy has enjoyed a very successful career as one of the music industry’s leading voices and breakers of new artists.

Fans of the On Air Personality got to see a different side of him that no one could have predicted. Apparently, the broadcaster has a thing for strap-ons.

In a series of Snapchat messages that leaked online yesterday, the radio host and Disc jockey was seen getting his freak on with an unidentified conversation partner.

DJ Envy talked about getting some tongue action in the back door area, as well as being on the receiving end of some strap-on action.

There’s no indication as to whether or not the person that the Disc Jockey was supposedly hitting on on Snapchat was male or female, nor if the messages were real or not.

The disc Jockey however went about tweeting like nothing happened promoting his show

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