Photos from @Vhorgers Party in Abuja


Right after an entrepreneurial young employer and his equally gingered ambition passion – on a mission to provide a great burger meal at a great price, took out money from little savings to rent and build the ostentatious outdoor burger station amongst residents and commercial buildings situated in Maitama, Vhorgers was born.

In search of a new standard for freshness, he began with daily baked buns from a nearby mall and grilled them alongside perfectly seasoned beef until they were warm and toasty. He sourced fresh Nigerian produce for the ripest tomatoes and leafiest lettuce.

With the use of a self-designed steel charcoal grill installed to sear smoky flavours into every burger placed upon its fiery grates, they earned a reputation for serving the tastiest and freshest burgers in the District.

He turned his ambition to more country inspired recipes like a fresh-grilled chicken Sharwama, sandwich made with tuna topped with bacon & avocado and corn salsa made to order. Yeah, one bite of MurderVhorgers will move your soul to a satisfactory solace.

At that point you have discovered a Burger To Kill For

See photos from Vhorgers Music, Drinks, Games & Connect Party which held recently

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